Got Wine?

I am excited about our 2007 wines that have aged in oak barrels for the last 18 months. We must have done something right all along because all of them are outstanding in their own right without requiring further TLC or intervention. I can hardly wait to share them at our barrel tasting party.

2007 Cabernet Sauvignon

Our 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon’s flavors range from black currant, cherry, plum, jammy, bell pepper, chocolate and spice. It should pair well with rich roasted meats such as prime rib with a reduction sauce or with grilled meat and grilled vegetables.

2007 Merlot

Our Merlot by nature is a soft, drinkable wine with rich, plum-like flavors with blueberry and cherry notes. I call it “smooth.” We have planted our Merlot grapes in well-drained soils in our sunny vineyards in Ramona. IMHO, our Merlot is an outstanding varietal in its own right. Our Merlot is a wine that people have ordered for their wedding receptions. Perhaps, they fell in love with its beautiful aromas?

2007 Syrah

Our Syrah has a rich crimson color, with enticing aromas of ripe black cherries, violets and sun ripened plums that follow through on the palate. The wine is full bodied, with lush fruit flavors balanced by soft, supple tannins. Our Syrah should pair well with lamb chops, beef steaks, robust and hearty meat dishes and even with roasted chicken with rosemary and garlic.

2007 Zinfandel

Our Zin wine is wildly popular. An extremely versatile wine, Zinfandel pairs well with dishes ranging from BBQ beef to grilled chicken or roast game. In fact, our Zinfandel is usually sold out shortly after each release. Our 2007 Zin is jammy raspberry fruit and hints of pepper, soft and well-integrated tannins and a dry finish. With its balanced acidity, forward fruit and soft tannins, it should pair well with hard to match spicy, and highly seasoned foods and sauces. I love our Zin with practically everything chocolate and especially with Mexican or Asian cuisine. It is heaven on earth.

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